myAltCaptcha is a simple PHP class that will enable you to use an alternative CAPTCHA facility without images, for accessibility and usability.

CAPTCHAs, which require your visitor to perform a task such as copying the text from a noisy image, tend to annoy and are becoming more difficult for people to read as the image, in order to fool the spambots that can OCR images, are getting noisier. After getting complaints from visitors to my websites about this I set out to find an alternative. After reading a number of articles on the web on this very topic and being unable to find anything that was written already I decided to create this class. It is designed to try and fool the 3 major type of spamming techniques that I have read about, namely Playback bots, Form-filling bots and Humans.

To use the class is a simple case of declaring the object, creating your honeypots, hashing the input ID's and names recording the hashed secret and the used honeypots. When validating the form simply validate the hashed secret, retrieve and validate the honeypots and pull out the data from the input elements.

If you would like to download this alternative CAPTCHA PHP class for free, please go to


myAltCaptcha_class.php v1.0.3

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